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woensdag 15 mei 2013

Eating enough vegetables can be a problem for me. I eat out a lot and most restaurants tend to focus more on meat or fish than on the greens to go with them. In order to catch up on my vitamins, I sometimes cram as many vegetables as I can into a meal when eating at home. I'm pretty sure that's not how balancing your diet works, but still. It can't hurt. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this vitamin boost is to roast an assortment of vegetables all at once in an oven tray. Just cut them in even parts, add some olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper and roast for about 20-30 minutes. I find that in order to make the dish more interesting adding some extra flavor and texture helps:
  • For a Italian style roast (f.i. cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, courgette) I add some mozzarella balls, rosemary, thyme and basil. 
  • For a Greek style roast (f.i. tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine, onion) I add feta cheese and dried mint. 
  • The roast shown above contains Rooster potatoes, courgette, cherry tomatoes and fennel flavored with some fresh thyme, garlic cloves, anchovy and black olives (the bitter kind, like Taggia or Kalamata).
Trust me, you will feel healthier just looking at your plate.  

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