Best mayonnaise ever?

vrijdag 24 mei 2013

For someone that loves mayonnaise as much as I do, accidentally stumbling into a bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise is like striking gold. I had already read several raving reviews about Kewpie on food blogs. Apparently it is the mayonnaise of choice for all the top chefs. Seriously, I'm quoting here. Needless to say, I was getting curious. But it is very hard to get and ordering mayonnaise online seemed like one step too far, even for me. And then, while shopping in a small international supermarket in my neighborhood, there it was: weird Japanese packaging and all. I must say: it really is good. Definitely worth a visit to Tjin's Toko if you're ever in the Albert Cuyp area. But good enough to order online? I'm still not convinced any mayonnaise is. 

P.s. While you're keeping an eye out for Kewpie, you should also look for the wasabi mayonaisse you see in the right. Whenever I come across it in an oriental supermarket I always pick up a bottle. I use it as a dipsauce with my potato chips, but I suspect it's also good with fancier food like tuna sashimi.

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