Inside my closet: running gear

vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Although my running shoes had been in need of replacement for years now, it took the opening of a new 'Run2Day' right around the corner for me to actually try on some new pairs. In the past I have let looks decide which pair of trainers I bought, but this time I let them 'analyze my walk' and recommend which shoes would work best for me. I even got to try out a couple of pairs by running laps through the neighborhood. Luckily for me, it turned out that the best pair was not too ugly. In order to make a necessity more fun I also treated myself on some new running gear. When it comes to running gadgets I'm pretty old fashioned. Just a digital watch and some tunes and I'm good to go.

1// Asics GT-2000 (Run2Day), 2&3// Pants and tanktop by Nike (Run2Day), 4// Retro digital watch by Casio (Ebay), 5// Ipod Shuffle (Apple store)

Inspired: bookshelves

donderdag 30 mei 2013

Bookcases #1 and #4 I found on Pinterest. Bookcase #2 I found here and bookcase #3 here.
I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks. That means preparing my reading list. Usually I pack about four books for a one-week holiday, three to read and a backup in case one of them disappoints. Of course any smart woman would have bought an e-reader by now, but I'm having a hard time letting go of actual books. Not only because I love going to the bookstore and wander around for hours trying to decide, but also because I just know that I'm going to buy any E-book I really like in paperback anyway. For me, a house is not complete without a proper bookcase. 

Check out these bookshelves. The first one would be my dream bookcase if I were 10 years old, the last one is what I dream about now. The other two are more realistic, but still very pretty!

What's cooking: Madeleines

woensdag 29 mei 2013

Have you ever had a freshly baked Madeleine? It takes you straight to Paris. I made some the other day using Rachel Khoo's recipe and it was a lot easier than I had expected. The only difficulty was trying to stop eating them. You can find the recipe here.

nith pick: miss nati

dinsdag 28 mei 2013

What I love most about the necklaces made by Miss Nati is the subtle way they complement an outfit. They might be delicate and elegant, but they still get noticed. This one, made with agate and red coral, is my favorite. Today that is. They're all so pretty it is hard to make a definite choice. 
You can find more of Miss Nati's designs at Nith
P.s. She also makes very cute children's versions of her jewelry.  

window shopping: affordable art

maandag 27 mei 2013

There is so much affordable art available nowadays, it makes it almost impossible to choose. On the other hand, with the most expensive print in this collage priced at 37,-, it's not like you're making a decision for life. You can buy a new piece whenever you feel like it. The links below will bring you to the specific pieces, but once you're there you can always browse through the rest of the collections of course. 

"Howl" by Charlie Bowater // "Rio de Selva" by Hernan Paganini // "Leapfroging men" by Eadweard Muybridge // "Lost in the World" by Alex Cherry // "Genoa" by Andrew Holder // "Bang" by Diela Maharanie // "Open Your Eyes" by Alex Cherry //  "Blackbird" by Delia Maharanie

Best mayonnaise ever?

vrijdag 24 mei 2013

For someone that loves mayonnaise as much as I do, accidentally stumbling into a bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise is like striking gold. I had already read several raving reviews about Kewpie on food blogs. Apparently it is the mayonnaise of choice for all the top chefs. Seriously, I'm quoting here. Needless to say, I was getting curious. But it is very hard to get and ordering mayonnaise online seemed like one step too far, even for me. And then, while shopping in a small international supermarket in my neighborhood, there it was: weird Japanese packaging and all. I must say: it really is good. Definitely worth a visit to Tjin's Toko if you're ever in the Albert Cuyp area. But good enough to order online? I'm still not convinced any mayonnaise is. 

P.s. While you're keeping an eye out for Kewpie, you should also look for the wasabi mayonaisse you see in the right. Whenever I come across it in an oriental supermarket I always pick up a bottle. I use it as a dipsauce with my potato chips, but I suspect it's also good with fancier food like tuna sashimi.

inspired: sailing around the world

donderdag 23 mei 2013

Me, getting ready for a day of sailing // Deep Water // Maiden Voyage
From the ages of sixteen through eighteen I went sailing during my summer vacations. These weren't the sporty kind of trips where you live on your boat all week and eat beans straight from the can. I opted for the relaxing holiday variation: sail for a couple of hours during the day, then return home to a game of volleyball, a barbeque and a warm bed to sleep in. I never learned how to sail properly, but I do remember the rush you get when the wind changes. The noise of your sails flapping, the screaming instructions to one another, the scrambling around tightening ropes, the water spraying into your face. I loved it. For one week. Imagine doing it for months on end. Alone.
In 1969 nine men enter into the first non-stop, single-handed, around the world yacht race organized by the Sunday Times. One competitor, Donald Crowhurst, finds himself alone at sea, having to choose between facing bankruptcy and public humiliation on the one hand and losing his life on the other. In the process of making this decision he loses his mind. The beautiful documentary "Deep Water" tells his story.   

The first woman to sail around the world is Tania Aebi. When she turns eighteen her father gives her a choice: "I will buy you a college education or a yacht. The only catch: you have to sail this yacht around the world". She chooses sailing and writes a book about her journey called "Maiden Voyage" (the Dutch version is called "Solo"). I read it over 15 years ago and still remember some of the events she describes vividly. Still, after watching "Deep Water" yesterday, I think I might read it again. 

what's cooking: green olive soup

woensdag 22 mei 2013

This is such an easy and quick soup. It takes about ten minutes to make, but since it's a bit unusual people will think your quite the chef. I like to serve it as part of a tapas diner, but it will make a great starter as well. 

Green olive soup

Ingredients -to serve 4-

  • Olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1/2 lt. chickenstock
  • 240 gr. of green olives (No pits. I use the ones that are already sliced.)
  • 2 tbl. spoons of crème fraiche
  • Sambal Manis (That's the sweet kind)
  • Ground black pepper

To make the soup:  

  • Finely chop the onion and garlic
  • Fry the garlic and onion on medium heat in some olive oil until they start to glass over  
  • Turn of the heat
  • If you're using a blender: put the garlic/onion mixture in the blender together with the olives, stock and crème fraiche and blend until smooth. Put the mixture back in the pan and bring to a boil.
  • If you're using a hand blender: put the olives, stock and crème fraiche in the pan with the garlic and onion and blend until smooth. Turn the heat back on and bring to a boil.
  • Add black pepper and Sambal Manis to taste.

nith pick

dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Sometimes you buy a necklace or a dress that's so beautiful, you want to be able to look at it even when you're not wearing it. In that case, Tim Vinke's "Nappie" is just what you need. Just stick it on your mirror or closet door and voilà: a hook to showcase your best piece.

The Nappie is available in two sizes at Nith.

window shopping: kitchen essentials

zondag 19 mei 2013

1// A great way to utilize your canning jars when you're not in the process of make jam ;) Use them as serving dishes. 2// And if they are not available fro serving you can always use these paint splattered bowls instead. 3// Funny "Use my beard" tea towel. 4// I like tacky dinnerware and dragonflies, so why not combine the two? 5// This tapas set would make a great gift for someone. 6// High on my wishlist, but so expensive: the Kitchen Aid. It's a good thing I'll never be able to choose which color I would like. 7// Much classier than putting the bottle on the table: an oil pitcher 8// Rachel Khoo's cookbook. She makes cooking in a tiny kitchen look so easy.

about me

vrijdag 17 mei 2013


Hi, my name is Corinke Moerdijk.
When I’m reading a blog I like to put a face with the words, so I feel I owe you the same. Problem is: I’m not one to happily pose for a camera. As a result this is one of the few pictures I have of myself in which I don’t look like there is a car approaching me at a dangerously high speed. 

Ok, what else do you need to know about me.. 

I often fantasize of having a serene, all white apartment with just one or two killer pieces of colorful art. In reality I’m such a hoarder that my house looks more like Pippi Longstocking lives there.

I run a web shop together with my sister. We sell fashion and home accessories made by independent designers. Be sure to check out our shop for some original one-of-a-kind pieces.

I love to read and would gladly make it my fulltime job. But until someone starts paying me for it, I’ll be happy to give you regular book tips free of charge.  

I like to eat, although someone recently told me I am a lazy eater, since I especially like anything that can be eaten with just one piece of cutlery. It's true. Recipe-wise you’ll find mostly soups and pasta here.  

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would love it if you let me know what you think from time to time.


Watch Ewan's appearance on the Graham Norton Show here.
Make a donation to the KWF Cancer Foundation here.

inspired: hidden gardens

donderdag 16 mei 2013

I've always preferred courtyards or rooftops to regular gardens. I think they feel more special because they're hidden to passers-by. The two courtyards above are grand and spectacular. They are just to be looked at in awe. The ones below are more attainable for us common people. Or at least they can serve as inspiration to make your own outdoor space more colorful. How cool are those drawers and the guitar as plant holders?
All pictures were found on Pinterest.

what's cooking

woensdag 15 mei 2013

Eating enough vegetables can be a problem for me. I eat out a lot and most restaurants tend to focus more on meat or fish than on the greens to go with them. In order to catch up on my vitamins, I sometimes cram as many vegetables as I can into a meal when eating at home. I'm pretty sure that's not how balancing your diet works, but still. It can't hurt. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this vitamin boost is to roast an assortment of vegetables all at once in an oven tray. Just cut them in even parts, add some olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper and roast for about 20-30 minutes. I find that in order to make the dish more interesting adding some extra flavor and texture helps:
  • For a Italian style roast (f.i. cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, courgette) I add some mozzarella balls, rosemary, thyme and basil. 
  • For a Greek style roast (f.i. tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine, onion) I add feta cheese and dried mint. 
  • The roast shown above contains Rooster potatoes, courgette, cherry tomatoes and fennel flavored with some fresh thyme, garlic cloves, anchovy and black olives (the bitter kind, like Taggia or Kalamata).
Trust me, you will feel healthier just looking at your plate.  

nith pick

dinsdag 14 mei 2013

I love the clean and pure design of this necklace by Studio MHL. Wouldn't it be great to give it to someone you love? For no special reason. You can buy it here.

window shopping

maandag 13 mei 2013

1// Too bad I don't have a garden. This lantern would have made it onto my shopping list for sure. 2// I have a thing for mix & match bikini's. If you start making combinations here you will not be able to stop. 3// Two of these have already made it to my couch. 4// Can't go wrong with stripes.   5// Will boho dresses ever go out of style. I think not. 6// Sweet bangle bracelets.

inside my closet

woensdag 8 mei 2013

This month I've been preparing my wardrobe for better days (read: sunny days). My favorite thing to wear in the summertime is long skirts or dresses. It is so comfortable, but you still look like you've made an effort. I already have this maxi skirt from American Vintage in a beautiful shade of green, but since I'm blessed with a mother who can sew just about anything, I am now also the proud owner of a midnight blue and a pale aubergine version. Other new additions to my closet this month are:

1. My all time favorite sneakers: Converse All Stars. Courtesy of my brother-in-law who brought me back this pair from his business trip to the states. 2. I found this great tie dyed skinny and couldn't resist. 3. During my ongoing quest for the perfect white T-shirt I ended up buying this beautiful embroidered blouse. It's not a T-shirt, but who cares. 4. For my birthday I got this very cool wallet. (Officially it's a clutch, since it fits your mobile phone in the pocket, but I'm more the "tote bag kind of girl".)
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