Top 5 Songs for a train ride

maandag 18 februari 2013

I travel by train about once a week. And I quite like it. Since I know this is an unusual thing to say I'll explain why.

I love living in a big city and can't see myself living anywhere else, but I also love looking out the window and seeing nothing but nature -just for one hour a week of course-. I've got two main train-ride destinations. When I go visit my mother or brother the train ride takes me straight through a forest and some sort of swamp like area, when I go to my sister's house/our Nith-office it's just farmland as far as you can look. Now, combine these views with an empty boot, a cup of coffee and -very important- the right music on your Ipod, and it is a very relaxing experience.

Personally I like to listen to either very sad music -because the wide views somehow make me feel a bit sentimental- or very bombastic music -because this music is just made for listening to through headphones-. I no particular order, since it all depends on my mood:

My Top 5: Songs for a train ride  

Don't explain - Angela McCluskey
Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford&Sons
Shirk - Meshell Ndegeocello
Some Devil - Dave Matthews
I got life - Nina Simone

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