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vrijdag 22 februari 2013

I don't fall in love easily. My friends will vouch for that. But once I do, all reason goes out the window. And so it happened that yesterday -while roaming the internet in search of a secondhand commode in order to create some extra counter-top space in my tiny kitchen- I saw this beautiful cabinet and knew it had to be mine.

Tiny problem: I need the counter-top space mainly to put my oven somewhere. And there is no way that I am going to put an ugly oven on top of such a nice cabinet. And that's when reason left the building. Who needs extra counter-top space when you have a piece of furniture that looks this good? I'll just put my oven on my kitchen counter-top -and as a result cut my work space into half- and chop my vegetables on top of the cabinet. There. Problem solved. This cabinet is mine. Now where can I put the green locker, the blue commode and the apothecary cabinet?

If you don't have room for new furniture don't look their website, because at 'Hout en Nieuw' you run the serious risk of falling in love.

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