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maandag 25 februari 2013

When I picked up a copy of 'One Day' by David Nicholls, I did so because on the sleeve it had a blurp by Nick Hornby. Always a good way to sell me on a book. One of the funniest writers I know. It was only after I had finished it and -as I usually do when I liked a book- went online to see if the author has more books for me to read, that I found out that David Nicholls also wrote episodes for one of my favorite TV shows: Cold Feet. It makes a lot of sense. Just like Cold Feet the book has enough understated British humor in it, without loosing the credibility needed for the more dramatic parts. I also really liked the concept of following these characters for almost 20 years as they grow up, but only for one day of each of those years. The fact that the author did not get tempted to let all the 'key events' take place on this particular day -but still found a way to tell you what happened without it feeling forced- makes this book a very good read.

Of course -since I liked 'One Day'- I now own a copy of all of David Nicholls books. I've already read 'Starter for Ten'. It's about a young guy who has just started college and tries to simultaneously impress a girl -that's of course way out of his league- and win a TV "general knowledge" quiz. Very funny. It reminded me a bit of Adrian Mole. I'm saving 'The understudy' for another time, so maybe more about that one later.

Right now I'm reading 'Solar' by Ian McEwan. Another one of my favorite authors. This book is funnier then I expected from McEwan, but still has that oppressive vibe going on that I'm used to in his books. His main characters always annoy me -in a way that I apparently like- because they know what the right thing to do is, but are just too weak -or human- to do it. And I keep reading to see if at some point they will step up and be better people. Haven't finished it yet, so all I can tell you is: not yet.

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