To ten more years!

dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Me & Annemiek on holiday in Lliber.
I received a WhatsApp today from my friend Annemiek: "I think we've been friends for 10 years now". I'm assuming she's right. She usually is about these kind of things, since -unlike me- she's a very organized person. And that's not the only thing about her that's very different from me. She's also much more outgoing then me. I cannot turn my back to her for more than 2 minutes and she's made new friends. She loves animals, children and working in the garden. Things I don't necessarily hate, but love is not the word I'd use. She takes risks and tries new things. I'm cautious and think about "the consequences". But, even though we're very different, it works. So, for ten years now, we listen to each other, give advice or encouragement, and most often: laugh about the stupidity of it all. And that's probably it, isn't it, what makes a good friend? Someone that's always on your side and who wants to share your life stories, big or small. 

The picture above is taken on a holiday about nine years ago. We both lost our luggage on the way to Spain and didn't get it back for three days. Forced to go shopping for clothes, we ended up with lots of new outfits. And, since we didn't want to risk losing these again on the plane ride back, we decided to wear it all home. Check out the salami on my shoulder!

While looking for a nice song about friendship to add to this post, one song reminded me of the time that Annemiek called me in a panic: If I remember it correctly she was working as a personal assistant for a guy that organized concerts at the time, and for some reason had gotten the rushed assignment to go interview Joe Cocker. I say "for some reason" because she had never interviewed someone before in her life. But apparently Joe Cocker was suddenly available for a promotional interview about an upcoming concert and she was the one who was close enough to make it to his hotel in time. So, of course, Annemiek jumps on her bike and goes, then realizes she does not have any questions prepared and, more importantly, she does not know were his hotel is. And that's where I come in: to give her directions, but mainly to laugh at her and share in her ridiculous story.

So, Annemiek, here's to another ten years' worth of life stories!      

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