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woensdag 6 maart 2013

I love going out to diner. And I like it even more when you get surprised by the food. A good way to get surprised -of course- is in a restaurant where you don't choose from a menu, but just eat whatever the chef has prepared for the day. This concept also has the nice side effect of always serving what's fresh and in season.

At the cute little restaurant "Kees" you can eat a lovely three course meal for just €25,50. Not only is the food great, the ambiance is very nice as well. For starters: the staff is very friendly. The first time I was there I did not know you could only pay cash, When I suggested that I would go to the ATM while my sister waited there they said: "No need, you can just come by to pay another time". Well, that's not something you get every day in Amsterdam, is it? Also, there is lots to see at Kees. As you might have guessed from the photos shown above, they have a taste for kitsch and are not afraid to show it. If you need to use the bathroom you can even do some light reading, since they have a nice collection of "Bouquetreeks or Harlequin novels" in there. Funny! To top it all off, the restaurant is located along the Amstel -the closest thing we have to a boulevard in my part of town- so in the summertime you can sit out on the curb and watch all the people go by.

p.s. They served us pitchers of water with fresh mint and cucumber in it. Very refreshing. I'm terrible at drinking enough water, but this I could drink all day. I've now started experimenting with this concept. This morning I filled a pitcher with water and fresh blue berries and I've already drank half a liter. I'm trying watermelon next.  

Kees. drinken, eten en drinken
Weesperzijde 44
1091 EE Amsterdam
06 30712606

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